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Learning & Development Strategy / HR Development / HR Transformation and Change Management

62 years old
Courbevoie France
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
• An Experienced executive, with a strong track record in Consulting, Coaching, Training, Talent Development, Innovations, Change Management, HR transformation and Team management.
• An Entrepreneurial-minded person, I have created two companies (Outline & CVMS) and " Intrapreneurial " by creating and developing Departments, Branches and Activities, which have become a real reference in terms of innovation and performance.
• A Business track which combines various sectors - High Technology Companies (Telecommunication, Software Houses), Automobile and Transportation, Petroleum Industry, Insurance and Bank sector and Call Centers - with an offer of multi-dimensional and innovative consultancy.
• A diversified experience in Sales, People Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Reengineering, Management Development, Coaching (individual & collective) and Leadership as well as Talent Development.
• A significant experience at the international
• Recognized by his Peers as Talent and Leadership Developer, who continue to explore the path of individual and collective performance.
  • Manage and overlook the HR policy: Personnel management; HR development; Jobs management; employee orientation, development and training
  • Manage a collective layoffs (PPVD: Personified Plan of Volunteer Departures) going with the new strategic orientations of the Group
  • Establish and pilot the Compensation benefits for staffing after a job analysis, extended to France in January 2008
  • Conduct programs for employers, assume the job analysis, collect and review the detailed job information to prepare job descriptions
  • Ensure the quality of the corporate culture and play the role of mediator for the cohesion of the Corporate teams
  • Analyze the opportunity to implement an HRIS (for implementation in 2010), participate to the HR pole of reorganization for staff and supports functions (The Backbone Project)
  • Manage the internal Structure Mobility for the support and staff Functions:“Mov’Altran”, a key organization for the group
  • Manage functionally a team of HR support (Recruitment, Sourcing, Social Management, Pay, ...)
  • Build and realize the “French Car Policy” for the Group
Detailed Description

    Groupe ALTRAN : 17 000 employees
    Staff Holding : 300 employees after the reorganisation of fonctional staff
    Related Department:
    DG (CEO, Deputy CEO), DFI (Management control, Strengthening, Taxation, Treasury), DSI, France HR (Managers Recrutment Department, Schools Relation, Pay, HR Departments (5), Social Department) and Corporate HR (International Group Mobility, Corporate Comp and Ben), DIRCOM, DIRSTRAT, DIRPECO, DIRDEVINT, DIRCOMP, DIRREC, DIRMKTG, DIRGAM, DIRJUR, DIRSG, DIR Purchase, DIRSEC.
Company Description
The HRD of Corporate and French Holdings is responsible for the functional teams working for all the companies of the Group (170 companies /18000 people / 20 countries).
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